On Friday, Feb. 18, Gary and I drove down to Lumberton, North Carolina to ride the 400 km brevet.  I was thinking that doing the 300 km option would be fine, but in the end we decide to try the more challenging 400 km.  In retrospect, I am glad that we made that decision. 

The course was a 300 km triangle running in a clockwise direction bringing us back to the Super 8 motel and then a 100 km out and back to complete the 400 km.

Gary flatted about 15 miles into the ride so we lost contact with the large group we were with and also lost the benefit of their draft.  After a few other small incidents we kept riding and really enjoyed the experience.  Most of the roads were quiet and smooth.  A few were the opposite.  We did not enjoy getting lost in Fayetteville due to an error in the cue sheet around 9 pm and did not enjoy the state highway from Fayetteville back to Lumberton that was busy and shoulderless.  We returned to the motel around 9:00, enjoyed some pizza and a clothing change and then headed back out into the cold darkness around 10:00.  The last 100 km was on nice, quiet roads and although it was getting colder and colder we toughed it out and finished around 2:00.

This was the kind of ride that makes me happy when the weather turns warm and the riding is a little nicer.  It also helps confirm that you can do more than you think you can.

Snowy Day

Woke up to about 5 inches of snow this morning in Laurel, MD.
Must have slept crooked; have a “crick” in my neck, as they used to say.
Not much going on. Just waiting for some good weather so I can get out on the bicycle.

Starting Out

Starting a blog more or less to journal and keep notes in.  We will see what evolves…